Saturday, September 24, 2011

Battle of the Nive - Move 7

Table at start of move 7

Left top – British reinforce skirmish fighting for the woods

Left centre – 2 division move towards woods

Right top – British still hold Villafranque hill

Right bottom – Clinton is approaching hill protected by artillery and infantry square

British left

British dragoons lose melee and withdraw shaken

Howard has deployed his division to counter enemy cavalry

British riflemen still hold Arcanque town and woods

British right

British hussars rout from cavalry melee, French dragoons pursue

Howard deploys his division in square until the enemy cavalry withdraw

French right

Villate is still unable to take the woods

Despite this Maransin continues his advance towards Arcanques

Arcanques woods

Despite heavy casualties the riflemen continue to hold the woods

A second British brigade has arrived to support the riflemen

Three French brigades have been driven back

French left

The French are swamping Villafranque

The garrison has withdrawn to the centre of the town

Darricau is pushing forward between the hill and the river

The artillery on the hill are also withdrawn


The garrison have taken heavy casualties and withdrawn shaken

The French follow up and cause more casualties, but the British make morale again

On the left a second brigade has been sent to replace the shaken garrison

Game Notes

French cavalry have won against the British time and again

The French are B class, and the British C class.

In addition the dice have gone in favour of the French

The French are now on Attack orders, which are more decisive than Engage

Rule 14 covers cavalry combat

The rules used can be found at

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