Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Battle of the Nive - Move 10

Table at start of move 10

Left top – Wellington has ordered Alten to withdraw from the woods

Left centre – Poor card prevented Howard from moving his division

Right top – French are close to taking Villafranque and nearby hill

Right bottom – Clinton is moving his division forward again

British left

Riflemen hold Arcanques despite heavy casualties

Howard’s division fails to move due to the Poor Card

Arcanques Woods

The British have withdrawn from the woods due to heavy casualties

French infantry are entering the abandoned woods

British right

Clinton has changed his orders to Halt and is reforming his division

British infantry and gunners are routing from Villafranque hill.

Fighting in Villafranque

Colville still holds the village with his highlanders

He has lost the nearby hill and his first brigade is in rout

Only the Portuguese infantry and British hussars remain

French right

Abbe has taken the woods and his artillery is firing on Arcanques

Maransin is also firing on the town, and his infantry skirmishing with the garrison

French left

The French have taken a hammering, but at last taken the hill

Abbe is still fighting for Villafranque and gaining the upper hand

Darricau has cleared the hill, but is unable to advance any further due to casualties

Game Notes

Cards are drawn to determine which division moves next.

Amongst the cards is one Poor Card

When this is drawn the next Poor Commander must miss his turn

There are two Poor Commanders, one British and one French

Rule 3 covers Poor Commanders

The rules used can be found at

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