Monday, September 26, 2011

Battle of the Nive - Move 8

Table at start of move 8

Left top – Riflemen holding their own in the woods, but have received heavy casualties

Left centre – French cavalry have forced 2nd division to halt and form square

Right top – British artillery has started to withdraw from Villafranque hill

Right bottom – French dragoons pursuit have caused Clinton to halt and form square

British left

Riflemen are starting to withdraw from the woods due to heavy casualties

Half of Howards division is in square, the remainder push on towards the woods

French dragoons have retreated out of artillery range

British right

British hussars have rallied behind the squares of Clinton’s division

British squares have routed the French dragoons

Garrision replaced in Villafranque by a fresh highland brigade

Fighting in Villafranque

1st British brigade have suffered heavy casualties

They have been replaced by the highland brigade

Artillery are being withdrawn on the nearby hill

French right

Villate has given up his attempt to take the woods and changed his orders to Halt

Maransin has withdrawn his dragoons, but continues his advance towards Arcanques

Arcanques woods

With heavy casualties the riflemen withdraw from the edge the woods

The second British brigade in support of the riflemen have also withdrawn

With heavy casualties of his own, Abbe has changed his orders from Attack to Halt

French left

The French advance has forced the British artillery to withdraw from the hill

Abbe continues to fight for Villafranqe and the hill

On the right Darricau is outflanking the hill and advancing towards the bridge

Game Notes

British reinforcements on both sides of the river have been forced to halt and form square, by the failure of their cavalry to hold the enemy horsemen.

The French dragoons on the Villafranque side of the river have pursued the defeated hussars too far, and find themselves surrounded by British squares. They receive heavy casualties and return to their own line in rout

On the far side of the river the French cavalry have been more controlled, rally rather than pursue the defeated enemy cavalry, and return to their own lines in good order.

Both Clinton and Howard have been forced to halt their divisions and form square because of the French cavalry, and in doing so have delayed their arrival at Villafranque and Arcanques.

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