Sunday, March 4, 2012

Battle of Toulouse - Move 1

Table at the start of move 1

Centre - Soult has three corps deployed in and around Toulouse

Bottom - Hill will arrive on centre road

Left - Picton and Freire will arrive

Top – Beresford will arrive opposite the ridge

British Left

Beresford approaches Calvert ridge, which is held by Taupin. British cavalry hold back out of artillery range, but close enough to support column if necessary

British Centre

Wellington orders Friere to halt just out of artillery range. The Spanish will remain in reserve until Beresford and Picton have developed their attack on Calvert ridge and Toulouse.

British Right

Picton advances towards Toulouse. His cavalry are in line on the left flank to protect the column. His artillery will open fire on the section of Toulouse closest to the river, to support Hill’s attack across the river

British south of river

Hill moves forward with his two assault brigades. Once within range the artillery will unlimber and open fire on the right hand section of Toulouse. Picton will attack the left hand section.

Game Notes

Beresford will attack the ridge whilst Picton storms the city

Friere will hold his Spanish in reserve ready to support either Beresford or Picton

Hill will storm the town once the garrison is shaken

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