Saturday, March 10, 2012

Battle of Toulouse - Move 7

Table at the start of move 7

Bottom – Hill has a bottleneck on the bridge due to broken brigades fleeing Toulouse

Left – Picton’s infantry are struggling to fight their way into Toulouse

Top Left – Spanish cavalry have take both batteries and infantry are in support

Top Right – Beresford is trying to retreat but is pinned by French cuirassiers

British Left

Beresford has formed square with his two remaining brigade

French cuirassiers are preventing them from retiring

Mass of French infantry moving towards them off he ridge

British Centre

Friere’s cavalry have again charged close to a French square and taken casualties

They charged home on the shaken enemy chasseurs, who broke and ran

The Spanish infantry are closing on the French square

British Right

Pictons infantry continue to skirmish Toulouse

He has ordered his artillery to move to the left flank

Wellington has arrived to decide whether to order an attack

British south of river

Hill has rallied his shaken infantry brigades

They are still disordered but will be able to advance next move

Game Notes

The French are slow to react to the Spanish advance

They have broken Beresford, but still have two full corps attacking him

Picton is unable to fight his way into Toulouse, but Wellington is about to change his orders to attack

Hill has rallied his broken brigades and will soon resume his attack across the bridge

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