Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Battle of Toulouse - Move 4

Table at the start of move 4

Bottom – Hill is crossing the bridge towards Toulouse, French artillery arrive on right

Left – Picton approaching Toulouse, Freire has halted to await developments

Top – Darmagnac is moving forward to engage Beresford

British Left

Darmagnac is moving forward to engage Beresford

Beresford has halted his corps to meet French counter attack

He is taking heavy casualties from French artillery

British Centre

Friere’s Spanish corps have been ordered to advance to ease pressure on Beresford

His cavalry are moving forward to threaten the French artillery

British Right

Artillery is proving ineffective against Toulouse

Picton orders his infantry forward to storm the town

His hussars have charged the enemy chasseurs to protect the infantry

British south of river

Hill orders an attack on Toulouse

Leading brigade have fought their way into the city

Reinforcements cross the bridge to support the attack

French artillery has arrived on the right to support the city

British artillery move forward to counter enemy gunners

Game Notes

Wellington was not expecting the French to counter attack

Beresford is in serious trouble as Darmagnac and Taupin both advance to attack him

Hill is making good progress attacking Toulouse across the river Garonne

Picton is less successful attacking from the west.

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