Friday, March 9, 2012

Battle of Toulouse - Move 6

Table at the start of move 6

Bottom – Hill is crossing bridge to attack Toulouse

Left – Picton’s cavalry protect his infantry as they move towards Toulouse

Top Left – Spanish cavalry on flank of French artillery

Top Right – Beresford has started to rout as he is attacked by two French corps

French cavalry cut down infantry and gunners

Cuirassiers cut down Beresford’s infantry and gunners who are already in rout

British Left

Wellington has joined Beresford to order him to retreat

But it is already too late as half of his corps have been cut down

The remaining infantry form square against the cuirassiers

Two French corps are about to attack them

Spanish dragoons charge French gunners

The Spanish cavalry declare an opportunity charge on the flank of the gunners

As they charge they receive casualties from the nearby square

They make their morale, charge home and cut down all of the gunners

British Centre

Friere’s Spanish corps advance to support Beresford

His cavalry have cut down the French gunners

But his infantry are too late to save Beresford

British Right

Pictons infantry skirmish with the garrison of Toulouse

His hussars have routed the enemy cavalry

British south of river

Hill’s leading brigade have routed from Toulouse into their supports on the bridge

His attack is in danger of falling apart

Game Notes

Beresford is broken and in rout

The Spanish are advancing to support Beresford, but are too late

Picton is skirmishing with the garrison of Toulouse, but having little effect

Hill’s attack south of the river is in trouble

His leading brigade took heavy casualties in Toulouse, broke and ran

They disorganized the infantry crossing the bridge to support them

The two French corps which broke Beresford can now turn to face the Spanish.

The tide is turning against Wellington.

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