Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Battle of Toulouse - Move 9

Table at the start of move 9

Bottom – Hill, supported by Picton, has taken most of Toulouse

Left – Picton’s infantry are struggling, he is redeploying his artillery in support

Top Left – Spanish infantry are shaken but still holding on

Top Right – Beresford continues to retreat in the face of two French corps

British Left

Beresford, with only two brigades left, halts his retreat and wins firefight

British Centre

Friere’s Spanish infantry are shaken but still holding their ground

His cavalry have broken and are in rout

British Right

Picton has lost his highland brigade in rout

He has rallied the remainder of his infantry

His artillery have unlimbered in close range of enemy square

His cavalry are moving forward to support Friere

British south of river

Hill has taken most of Toulouse

Only one section is still held by the French

He has withdrawn his highland brigade due to heavy casualties

Game Notes

The tide has turned again, this time in favour of Wellington

Beresford holds one corps at bay as his two brigades retreat

Friere has managed to hold his position, despite three shaken brigades

Picton is redeploying to support Friere

Hill has taken most of the city

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