Saturday, March 17, 2012

Battle of Toulouse - Move 12

Table at the start of move 12

Bottom – Hill moves into Toulouose

Left – Picton is redeploying his corps to support the Spanish

Top Left – Friere only has two brigades to cover his retreat

Top Right – Beresford continues to suffer casualties as he retreats
British Left

French halt and allow Beresford to withdraw unmolested

British Centre

Spanish retreat turns into a rout

British hussars move forward on the right to cover the retreat

British Right

The French have abandoned Tououse

Picton moves to his left to cover the Spanish rout

British south of river

Hill has occupied Toulouse and moved his corps north of the river
Table at end of Game

Game Notes

Wellington has taken Toulouse

Hill has taken firm control of the city

Picton is well positioned to cover the reorganization of the allied army

Beresford only has two brigades left to cover his withdrawal

Friere corps have broken and run from the field

Suchet still has three corps operational, but has suffered heavy casualties

He has ordered his army to withdraw and regroup north of Toulouse

British casualties 24 infantry and 4 cavalry

French casualties 19 casaualties and 7 cavalry

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