Thursday, March 8, 2012

Battle of Toulouse - Move 5

Table at the start of move 5

Bottom – Hill has entered the right hand section of Toulouse

Left – Picton’s cavalry clash with French, infantry approach Toulouse

Top – Beresford is in trouble as both Darmagnac and Taupin advance

British Left

Beresford starts to crumble as the French attack.

His cavalry have lost the melee with the French cuirassiers and are in rout

The gunners had retreated to the nearby square, but the infantry broke and joined the rout

The remaining two British brigades are now in an impossible position

British Centre

Friere’s Spanish corps advance to support Beresford, but will be too late

Their cavalry have flanked the French guns, but refuse to charge them

The infantry advance in column, but the enemy artillery could destroy them

British Right

Picton’s cavalry have won the melee and routed the enemy chasseurs

His infantry are within skirmish range of the city, but no casualties on either side yet

His artillery have again proved ineffective

British south of river

Hill’s leading brigade has taken the right hand section of Toulouse

But enemy artillery have caused heavy casualties, and the infantry have routed

The remainder of his infantry cross the bridge to press home the attack

His artillery engage the enemy gunners, but fail to cause any casualties

Game Notes

The battle is not going well for Wellington

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